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Priority Queue Assignment

You are to design a Priority Queue that will hold the names of students and their averages. 
The Student class will hold a first name, last name and an average. It must be Comparable by average. 
You should be able to print out class so that first name, last name and average all come out (use toString() ). 
The class you design will have member functions to add a student. Print students in order from 
Student with highest average to lowest, Print students from lowest average to highest, delete a 
student who left school (send up name), delete student with lowest average and delete student with highest average.

The students should be stored in the priority queue from lowest to highest (use a TreeSet). 
You are going to have to decide how you want to deal with the problem of printing from highest 
to lowest ranked student. 

Assignment is due 5 minutes before the end of class. Must have all member functions working to get credit. 
No partial credit for non-working programs.. Do not hand in if not working. Finish at home and bring 
in next class for a 70 (vs. 100 if works in class), You get a zero if you do not hand it in next class.

This is not a cooperative learning assignment. Do not talk to your neighbors or you and them get a 0.